Privacy Policy


SNEW tracking app is a user friendly app where it is designed to track for official and personal
use. We give you the location of the person you want to know. The data we collect for location
purposes will never be shared with third persons. We safeguard your data and we won’t track
you all the time. We prioritize the privacy of our users.
We never share your information or data. We concentrate on your personal information like
device location, contacts, and call related data. We never collect your payment information,
camera and, other sensitive data. We only share your data only for the concerned employer
which is applicable. We never sell your personal or sensitive data and it will be confidential to
We track you only for the stipulated time i.e., check-in and checkout time. We are exactly true
to our privacy policy that we follow . We are transparent with the utmost security and privacy .
Our app only accesses your location to use GPS only with consent client’s permission.
We not only focus on locating for business purposes, but also prioritize our service to
safeguard children while using the internet . This helps parents and guardians to monitor
children while using the internet. We never collect personal information from children under
the age of 13.
If in case your children provide such information on our website you can contact us
immediately and we will remove your information from our records.
We limit our access to track the details of the employee to the employer for commercial
purpose. We never indulge in any type of selling personal information we only share your
information only with your GPS access . We allow our clients to track information only after
getting the purpose of tracking a particular person (employee). If the reason is not valid and
genuine we will definitely not allow tracking the information
Our intention is only pure and genuine. We only render the service for commercial purposes
and personal purposes (monitor the children) . We allow tracking only when check-in and
checkout time. We have got 5-star ratings in the play store only for our genuine services. Thank
For further information reach us on: parkavinfotech@gmail.com, 9849428674