THE Simple New Easy Way to track SOUTH, NORTH, EAST and WEST.

Welcome to SNEW, the tracking app. SNEW is a whole new world where it can give you the exact location of any person you want to know.

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Why Snew Different?

Uniquely repurpose strategic core competencies with progressive content. Assertively transition ethical imperatives and collaborative manufactured products.

Fully functional

The usability that cannot be reversed. The ease of access is what you got in your hands.

24/7 Tracking

This tracking app allows you to track a user at anytime from anywhere.

Secure Data

The location data we collect is used only for tracking purposes and not shared with any third parties.

Snew Help to Manage Everything for You

While the world heads to the best mobile application, We Parkav Infotech had an idea of giving the best android application for the current scenario which is taking place in the business world and also for the personal world.

  • The idea which can help our business manageable.
  • Planning the quality that can have no compromise.
  • We design to give the detail to be detailed.
  • Implementing the work that we aim to satisfy everyone’s need through technology.
  • We tend to be the Best from the Nest.

ParkavInfotech specializes in providing the best Digital solutions to the Digital world.






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Start working with that can provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect. Efficiently transform granular value with client-focused content. Energistically redefine market.

SNew Features

Objectively deliver professional value with diverse web-readiness. Collaboratively transition wireless customer service without goal-oriented catalysts for change. Collaboratively.

Register on the Go

Registration may seem a very long process, but what we have is a much easier as it just takes a matter of seconds to create an account.

3 in ONE

In a single page you can find out the real ones, you can identify who is active? This will give you a clear idea of any user you have.

Pay and Activate

Do you want to add more users to track them? You can add many users as you can do it with a simple recharge option.

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Transparent Interface

A call log like user- friendly interface shows you which ones are active and inactive in one page for a clear understanding.

Timely protector

It can save your business from being collapsed and if someone is watching over you, it can save you personally while you are alone.


Through this app you can find out the gap between you and the user. A simple touch makes you Track through our Map, in a SNAP.

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Proactively impact value-added channels via backend leadership skills. Efficiently revolutionize worldwide networks whereas strategic catalysts for change.

Our Work Process

SNEW has undergone many stages starting from the requirements as it is analyzed to make the design look detailed and the execution which can offer the quality above expectation.

Planning Idea

From the scratch, the development of this application has been planned to assure the customer satisfaction from their requirements.

Designed to deliver

Designing is the process where the application can give you the premium feel and the design itself has its own concept.


This is where we execute the plan we had in our mind so that it is user responsive and the solution we give to the need.









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Frequently Asked Questions

Efficiently productivate reliable paradigms before ubiquitous models. Continually utilize frictionless expertise whereas tactical relationships. Still have questions? Contact us


Yes, it is available on google play store and also you can find the download link above.

Whatever information you provide to us will be secured

Definetly not, this app requires to use the GPS with your permission.

Yes, you will be rewarded 100 INR for each referral.

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